Get Your Power Back – Protecting Yourself from Negative People in Your Life


frustratedBy: Krystle Crossman

Negativity is something that you do not need in your life. It is important to fill your life with positive energy and people that will help you live a positive lifestyle. But let’s admit it, we all have that one person in our life who continuously brings us down – right? When you instantly become negative around a certain person or group of people, it means that you have given your power over to them and have given up on taking any responsibility for yourself.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to believe in yourself and be who you are, not who you think other people want you to be. This can turn you into a negative person. Who knows what can come of you being yourself? You may even help someone else who is in a negative place and help them to become a more positive person. Negative attitudes are certainly contagious, but so are positive ones.

Change yourself before you try to change someone else. If you continue to have a negative outlook, you will be no good to someone you are trying to help. Living for yourself and wanting others to accept you for who you are means that you must accept others as they are as well. Take responsibility for yourself and how you present yourself to others.

To check and see how much progress you have made in your journey to rid yourself of negativity, hang out with people that previously put you in a bad mood or irritated you and see how differently you react in the situation. We can learn a lot from those who enter negativity into our lives.

Once you have reached a point when you are rid of the negative and thinking positively, you will be able to handle anyone that comes your way and no one will be able to change you or have power over you again.



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