Getting Honest With Yourself: How To Stop Being Fat Once and For All


monique-weight-loss-before-and-after111By Staff Blogger

A lot of women struggle with being overweight most, if not all, their adult life. Below are some helpful tips to losing weight and keeping it off. It all starts with being honest with yourself and then committing to a healthier way of living.

1. Acknowledge that you are fat – If you have ever heard the saying, “you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”, now is the time to put it into practice.  Yes, maybe you have “thyroid problem” or all the women in your family are full figured but you will continue to be fat if you keep making excuses and don’t just admit that you’re fat.

2. Fix your “thyroid problem” – Everyone remembers when talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, announced that part of her weight loss struggles were her thyroid problem. Maybe you really do have a thyroid problem. Well, then, go ahead and get it treated so that you can start losing weight and having a healthier body. Maybe it is not a thyroid problem; maybe you have emotional issues that cause you to overeat. Whatever your “thyroid problem” is, get help and start treating the problem.

3. Get off the couch, or away from the desk – A lot of people spend a lot of time sitting still. Even when people go to work, they spend a significant part of the day sitting and not moving around much. Get up and take a walk during your lunch break. Keep weights by your desk and do some light weight lifting while you’re on the phone. Do push ups, sit ups and squats throughout the day. Whatever you do, make sure that you’re not siting still all day.

4. Add more healthy foods to your diet – The mistake that a lot of people make is that they cut out almost all the “bad” foods from their diet suddenly and then they feel deprived. Feeling deprived typically means that eventually, you will submit to the urge to eat the”bad” food. A better approach is to slowly add “good” foods to your diet and crowd out the “bad” ones.

5. Make sustainable changes – In your efforts to lose weight and be healthier, don’t do anything sudden or drastic because you are not likely to sustain it. Instead, make small sustainable changes. For example, if you like fried chicken, continue to eat chicken but grill it instead of frying it, or still eat fried chicken but make sure you eat less of it and eat it less often.



  1. I have struggled all my life with my weight. I was a big kid and now Im a big adult. I have had my thyroid checked but its normal. I have tried controlled healthy eating and im still big. I exercise daily. Im 6 ft plus and i weigh over 320 pounds. IM DESPERATE!

  2. I am 269lbs.i am willin to lose this belly fat and get back in shape,I have a birthday day comin up and I want to b in back in my 12&14 clothes.i am determined.

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