Getting Rid of The Excess: Ten Great Ways to Burn More Fat


Green-teaBy Staff Blogger

Everyone is looking for a quick way to burn off some fat, but there is no simple ‘quick fix’. You can eat/drink these ten things to help you get there a little faster though:

1. Green tea – Helps boost your metabolism and also has cancer preventing properties. People who have taken green tea extract three times daily have seen a 4% increase in their metabolism which helps to burn off fat.

2. Pumping iron – Weight training is better to burn fat than cardio because a pound of muscle will burn more calories than a pound of fat will. It also increases your metabolic rate which helps you to burn more calories while you are lounging.

3. Eat iron – Iron in your diet is very important not only for your blood flow, but for your metabolism. Some great sources of iron are green leafy veggies, chicken, and red meat.

4. Water – A study in Germany found that if you drink 2 glasses of water within a certain timeframe, your metabolism can shoot up 30%. Drinking a lot of water through the day is a great way to keep you satisfied and burn fat as well.

5. Thyroid – Many people have a problem with their thyroid but don’t realize it. If you are feeling sluggish and are sensitive to cold, have all of your thyroid levels checked. The thyroid controls your metabolism so if it’s not performing up to par, neither will the metabolism.

6. Avoid alcohol – Yes, drinking can be fun, but those extra calories and sugar just pack on the pounds. It also slows down your metabolism.

7. Kick up your workouts – Do interval training so that your body doesn’t get used to the same thing over and over. Adding high energy bursts into your workout will kick the metabolism into overdrive.

8. More dairy – Eating low-fat dairy foods like yogurts and cheese will help you to burn excess fat due to the calcium.

9. Take up a new sport – Your body will adapt to the same old thing if you do the same routine. Mix it up.

10. Eat more fish – Try to get three to four servings of fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel every week to help boost the metabolism.



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