Girl Born With HIV Thought She Was Cured But Is Ill Again


By: Krystle Crossman

A few months ago we heard about a Mississippi girl who had been supposedly cured of AIDS/HIV. She was born with the AIDS virus. Doctors loaded her with HIV drugs to try and reverse the condition and stop it from spreading. She stopped taking the AIDS drugs when she was just 2 years old because they thought that she had been cured. She was in remission for two whole years without the drugs.

Now unfortunately doctors are finding that she still may have traces of the HIV virus lurking in her system which would mean that she has not been cured. One of the doctors that had been taking care of the little girls, Dr. Hannah Gay said that we she read the results it was like being punched right in the stomach. She and the other doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center were all saddened to see that this brave little girl had just been pushed out of remission.

The hope was that a high dose of HIV drugs right at the beginning of life would be all that a child needed to get rid of the disease. Sadly it looks like that is not the case this time around. They have put the little girl back onto her medications and she is responding to them well. The problem when she gets older is that she will be on these medications for the rest of her life. Dr. Gay believes that she will be able to handle it mentally.

The good thing that has come out of this case is that the researchers have learned new things. They can take this new data and combine it with other experiments to try again only with a better system in place.



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