Go Nuts! It Will Be Good For You


eating-in-bedBy Staff Blogger

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. In reality, you should feel like a nut a good portion of the time because they are great for your health and can help you to lose weight faster than those who don’t eat nuts. Many shy away from eating them because of their fat and calorie contents, but they don’t realize that the fats are good fats and that the more nuts they end up eating, the less they eat through the day.

While the results of the study on weight loss and eating nuts was minimal, it can still help with the stigma that nuts will make you fat. There are other reasons other than weight loss to snack on these delicious nuts as well.

– Stress reduction: The nutrients that are found in nuts can help to reduce the damage on your body that is caused by everyday stress. Walnuts have been found to be good for your heart during times of stress. Almonds have high Vitamin A and B content which is great for your immune system.

– Heart Health: Nuts can help to reduce LDL cholesterol which helps the blood flow to your heart. They also have a good amount of the good fats that keep your heart healthy and running normally.

– Lung Cancer: Further research is required but studies have shown that nuts may be able to help prevent lung cancer.

– Weight Maintenance: Nuts are a highly satisfying food so you tend to eat less when you snack on nuts.

– Lower Cholesterol: Nuts are a great way to lower cholesterol.

– Prostate Cancer: Brazil nuts have been shown to lower the risk of prostate cancer because they contain selenium.

– Brain Health: Nuts have a healthy dose of Vitamin E which helps to prevent cognitive decline.

– Men’s Reproductive Health: Walnuts may have an effect on sperm quality. Eating about two handfuls of nuts can help improve the motility and quantity.


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