Going Natural: Should You Believe The Hype?


natural-hairYou may be considering going from processing your hair to going natural. Natural is beautiful and looks good on a lot of people, but you shouldn’t go into it without knowing some of the frustrating aspects of going natural. Natural hair still breaks off and gets damaged, it is difficult to work with and it doesn’t look good on everyone. So before you jump off the relaxer band-wagon, take a less objective look at going natural.

Your natural hair will feel different to you than your processed hair did. It will not hit your shoulders the way your hair does after a relaxer and it will not be easy to run your fingers through it. As natural hair can be sexy, so can straight hair. So, if you like the straight look then don’t abandon it.

It is also a lot more difficult to pull of a wash-and-go look with natural hair. One woman shares her thoughts:

“Whoever came up with this saying forgot to name a few steps in between. I must wash, condition, apply leave-in conditioner, oil, and styling product, then go.  And I have to wait 4-6 hours for my hair to air dry completely.

 Look like a boy …

I’m relieved this thought proved false for me!  Although I think that women with pronounced bone structures are gorgeous, I’m glad that my face is soft and feminine enough to balance a short, somewhat bold cut.

Wear big earrings to feminize my look …

Since I wear glasses (cat-eye frames), wearing big earrings looks too over-the-top.  My face can’t handle two statement pieces.  So I’m stuck wearing studs and small hoops, unless I want to draw tons of attention.

Walk in light rain without an umbrella …

Sprinkles and sparse showers seem harmless enough, but my hair is moisture sensitive.  So if my hair is already dry, even a few droplets turn my cute curls and coils into fuzzy frizzies.”

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  1. I have been natural for almost a year and i wouldnt go back to perms for anything yes it a little harder to maintain but i love it.

  2. My wife went natural about 8 years ago and I absolutely love it. It bothers me that black women feel like they have to conform to an unnatural look to fit in to the work place or fit in period. Don’t even get me started on the blonde wigs and weaves cause that’s just ridiculous in my eyes. Also, it amazes me that women will perm and dye and put relaxers in their hair and even their children’s hair when they know the internal damage that these chemicals cause to humans. Black woman please wake up and realize that God made you beautiful the way you are and that if God wanted you to look the way you are trying to look he would have made you a white woman. In other words, be proud of your blackness and stop trying to assimilate and love yourself. I know we live in a society where everybody wants to fit this image of what beauty is but it’s not worth risking your health and in my opinion your dignity and true beauty to try to attain a look.

    PS. Stop with all the plastic surgery and tattoos too, they make you look ridiculous as you start to age. Of course this is all my opinion but its honest and from the heart of a black man who is just tired of black people trying to be accepted by people who will never accept you. Bottom line, love yourself and your children and know that you are beautiful the way you are.

    • THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH. I’ve been saying that for years. A friend of mine went natural and when Katrina hit, she ended up in a women’s shelter. As a donation of $500.00 to the shelter, the Director tried to force my friend to get a relaxer in exchange for the donation.

      They threatened to kick her out and she threatened to sue under Due Process. They backed off.

      • I’m sure this is COMPLETELY untrue, as it makes no sense, WHATSOEVER, but thanks for the entertainment! lol

  3. “it doesn’t look good on everyone”… Lmao…. N’ Yeah sure, the hair that grows natural out of your head, or a particular races head, may not look right on you, or every member of that race. I suppose arms and legs don’t look right on everyone or ears and eyebrows. And by the way I’ve NEVER heard anyone ever tell a white person (whom these black women so desperately want to look like) that their NATURAL God given hair “may not” look right on them. I am ashamed that black people will read this article. SMH

  4. I’m Happy my wife has not bought into this black inferiority mess. And if your natural or considering going natural, please don’t listen to this mess!

  5. Natural African hair has to look good on all Africans.You should have had it from the start.Please donot listen to the negroes. Their country is Negroland.Negroes were created by the vicious slave masters, they are white people in African skins.In all the world revolts by Africas , it was a negro who went and told Masa. You have to be very careful with negroes, for if Masa sick, they sick too.If they tell Masa on you he will sell you to the slave ship.Brother Samuel L Jackson played a good one in Django Unchained.Man hurry up come home with your pretty African Self.” SANKOFA.” YOU HEAR SANKOFA.

  6. Now Mosk Legend you said a mouth full. Not only to mention the fact that you are making those who don’t like people of color rich and they don’t put one dollar back into the community.

  7. Just because you don’t wear your hair natural does not mean you feel to white women or you want to look like them. Can’t you just have a preference? Also if you wear your hair natural and you think this says “I’m black and I’m proud”, it doesn’t. Doing things for the black community, uplifting the black community, making sure you try to make black people’s lives better, this says Black and Proud. If you are not doing these things, you might as well be bald. I have a question for the people who feel relaxing your hair means you feel inferior. What do you think of black men who date and marry white women? Do they feel the black race is inferior so they choose to go elsewhere? Ill wait for your answers…..

  8. Madam C J walker was the first black female millioneer in the US. She made her riches making straightening combs for African people to fry their pretty African hair because Bwana made the rules, and he saud that we had bad nappy hair.If you wore your hair long and naturally African he said that you looked dreadful, and so you get natty dread locks.And we believed that European jealous, wicked nonsense.You could not even get a job with natural African hair. A sister in Marrriot hotels had to take them to their court for our ladies to even be a reciptionist in their hotel.If they tell you walk yopu better run.

  9. A black man on Melrose Avenue in the Bronx, New York had a dry cleaning store. He was not making any money. He then marked it “French Dry Cleaning”.The lines became so long that it was difficult to get in the store. Check that out. All the styles come from Europe.

  10. Caroline K Belt on

    Be Grateful with what God Bless You with Natural Curly Hair. Please Do Not Allow the Slave Mentality to Plant the Seed that Blacks have Nappy Hair. We can wear our Naturally Curly Hair in various Beautiful Styles Naturally. Go to U Tube and view numerous natural hairstyles they are Gorgeous.

  11. Mask legend, you told the truth about our blackness. I decided to give up the relaxer and I’m glad I did. I don’t mind a few extra minutes to do my natural hair. I have never colored my hair nor have I attempted to put colored contacts in my eyes nor have I ever worn a weave.I am who I am, who GOD made me to be.(BLACK) Beauty comes from within. come Sistas, You are beautiful without the colored contacts, eyelashes,& the weaves. Be yourself.

  12. That part about “natural hair doesn’t look good on everyone” is just crap. Every black woman had natural hair at some point in their life. The f*ck you mean it doesn’t look good on everyone??? And the same can be said for those who perm their hair. Not everyone looks good with a perm but I don’t think it applies to natural hair. if the person looks terrible with natural hair its not because the hair is natural its because they don’t know how to style it properly.

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