Gross: You Won’t Believe Where This Woman Got the Ingredients for Her Homemade Yogurt


By: Krystle Crossman

Cecilia Westbrook was a curious woman. She and her friends had joked about making yogurt from the secretions that come from their [email protected] due to the bacterias that are housed there. Lactobacillus is one of the main bacteria that you will find in your lady parts and this is the same bacteria that is often used to culture foods like yogurt, milk, and cheese. So Westbrook did some research on the internet and found that no on had tried this yet. She decided that it was time for someone to do it.

Westbrook got a wooden spoon to collect her specimen. She put some yogurt into a bowl and added her specimen to it. She left the bowl overnight to allow it to do its thing. In the morning she had a respectably sized bowl of vagi-yogurt. Upon first taste she found that it was sour and tangy. She said that there was a slight tingling feeling on her tongue. She added blueberries to try and make it taste a little better. She also had two control bowls for the experiment to compare with. One bowl had plain yogurt in it and one had milk with nothing added to it.

How much were you shuddering at the the thought of this as you read it? You probably aren’t alone. Westbrook thought that eating yogurt made from bacteria from her body would be a good idea as the bacteria that is found in your [email protected] keeps your lady parts healthy. The probiotic bacteria that you find down there is also good for your intestines. One of the biggest problems with this is that you are also ingesting all of the bad bacteria that may be lurking down there. You could have a yeast infection and not know it and you would be eating all of that too. Just the thought of where that yogurt has come from would be enough to turn almost everyone off. Westbrook decided that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all once she had thought about the different things that she was actually eating, but she had satisfied her curiosity by at least trying.


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