Grown Man Fights Terminal Cancer By Drinking His Daughter’s [email protected] Milk?


By: Krystle Crossman

When it comes to cancer there are many different treatment options for patients. They can get chemotherapy, drug therapy, radioactive therapy, and even homeopathic therapy. The one thing that people are not offered at the doctor’s is [email protected] milk therapy. This is most likely because nothing has been scientifically proven involving [email protected] milke and its curative powers, but Tim Browne and his daughter Georgia Browne believed in it enough to try it.

Tim Browne was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery just before his daughter’s wedding but shortly after was told that he was terminal as the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and liver. The doctors said that surgery was no longer an option. His daughter had seen a show on [email protected] milk and had seen that a man in the US drank the milk every day and swore that it had shrunk his tumors. Georgia made the decision to set aside a few ounces of milk every day for her father after she was done [email protected] her 8 month old son Monty. Browne says that he calls his grandson his “milk brother”.

There are times when chemotherapy proves to be too much for Tim’s body and he ends up not being able to drink the milk because the taste makes him violently ill. He still drinks it when he is able to because he believes that it is helping him. He is definitely not cured of cancer but he feels that the milk is helping to shrink the tumors and give him more time with his family. Dr. Marie Savard who is a medical consultant for ABC News states that there is no research to back up this theory so no one really knows whether the milk has curative powers or not when it comes to cancer.

The FDA has released a statement that says that [email protected] milk has a protein in it that can help to cure the cancer cells. Again there is no actual data to back this theory up. Savard states that the placebo effect is certainly coming into play here and it is good for the daughter and her father as she feels like she is in some small way, helping her father to get better. There is research being done at this time and Browne is not the only one to start using this treatment.



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