Guess Which Countries The Most $exually Satisfied People Live In


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Even though the United States has claim to many s*x icons such as Denzel Washington and Halle Berry, we are still less s*xually satisfied than many other foreign countries. This could be because we as a society are so uptight about s*x. Here are the top twelve most satisfied countries. Perhaps we should take a cue from them.

1. Spain: Spain has nude beaches and is approving of same-s*x marriage. They also have 90% of their men and women who say that they are satisfied with their s*x lives.

2. Switzerland: This country has $ex-ed classes that start in kindergarten, liberal outlooks on p*rn and $ex in general, and licensed brothels. Who wouldn’t be satisfied in a country with all of that? They are almost always in the top satisfied list and they also have one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates.

3. Italy: A good night in Italy starts at the dinner table. Their rich foods and abundance of wine are romance on a plate. The women in Italy who have 2 glasses of wine a day rate their satisfaction much higher than those who don’t drink at all.

4. Nigeria: 67% of people in Nigeria report being completely satisfied. This could be due to the fact that people in Nigeria on average have a s*xual encounter that lasts 24 minutes.

5. China: This one may come as a surprise. China is very conservative on its views about s*x, so that makes people even more frisky behind closed doors. 70% of the world’s s*x toy supply is made in China and they even have a $EXPO.

6. Brazil: Women in Brazil have curves that most women would kill for and the men are rated among the best lovers in the world. They average at least once per week in the bedroom and some average up to three times per week.

7. The Netherlands: The Dutch are no strangers to s*x. They have nude beaches, open s*x ed policies, and the world famous red light districts. Yet with all of this they only have a 5.3 out of 1,000 teen birth rate.

8. India: While the people in India tend to wait longer to have s*x for the first time, once the do they are more satisfied than many other nation. Men’s Health Magazine believes that this is because they take their time and do things right. India after all is where Tantric s*x is practiced.

9. Australia: In Australia people don’t care for bedrooms. They are more turned on by road trips. 75% of people say that they have had s*x on the road in a car. Australia is known as one of the most promiscuous countries in the world.

10. Greece: Greeks are not as uptight as many others are about their wants and desires. They are open to discussion about s*x pretty much anywhere.

11. Mexico: Mexico has been known to be one of the h0rn!est countries in the world. They also rank second in the most satisfied category with 63% of the entire country claiming that they are satisfied with their s*x lives.

12. Germany: Although German men have been rated as the worst lovers because they are “too smelly” they are very satisfied. They have liberal approaches to s*x and also have one sixth of the HIV rate that the US does.



  1. You can kill all that deviant empathy and those weak statistics- Good lovin’ between the BLACK MAN and the BLACK WOMAN in AMERICA makes America the Love Capital! BLACK AMERICA is the Best #1 ALL DAY, ANYTHERE, ANYTIME on the real STRENGTH!! Regardless to the loud, jealous, scared gays. Guess that’s why they like that- lol! Hmmm-wonder who’s behind this article?

  2. Was your survey conducted with only men or both sexes. the reason I ask is because most of the countries you listed are patriarchal and care nothing about the women getting satisfaction!

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