Harvard Study: Salt Is Responsible For 2.3 Million Deaths


saltBy Staff Blogger

A pinch here, a dash there, it’s your favorite seasoning knocking. Salt is in almost everything. There is sodium in most foods, and some people like to add a little more for flavor. What many people don’t know is that salt is deadly. It is very deadly in fact for those who don’t monitor how much salt they eat.

A study done by Harvard found salt is responsible for 2.3 million deaths worldwide and 85,000 per year in the United States. People suffer from strokes, heart attacks, and other types of cardiovascular diseases because of their sodium intake. The World Health Organization states that you should limit your sodium intake to 2,000mg per day, but the American Heart Association recommends 1,500mg. The average for the US is currently 4,000mg per day. One teaspoon of salt equals 2,325mg of sodium.

Out of 66 countries that were surveyed, the United States ranked 19th out of the top 30 countries for sodium consumption. Salt is in so many of the foods that we eat. It is not only baked into foods, but it is used as a preservative for foods such as breads and canned soups which are staple foods in American homes.

It is hard to limit your salt intake due to this fact. Pretty much everything you eat has salt in it. It is one of our five main tastes as well so we crave it. Some studies have shown that mothers who have morning sickness during pregnancy have a higher salt diet and therefore the baby will have more of a taste for salt as opposed to sweets. The Salt Institute is saying that these studies are inconclusive as no one eats as little salt as is recommended and enough research is not done into the actual affect sodium has on cardiovascular disease.

To cut down on your salt intake, eat more actual spices to substitute for salt, avoid balsamic vinegar and eat clean (raw veggies and water).


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