Harvard Study Says “Mama’s Boys” Earn $80,000 More and Have Better Careers


By: Krystle Crossman

Do you know someone who is a “mama’s boy”? Perhaps you have one of your very own. While this term may seem derogatory it may actually mean good things down the road for the child. A new study has shown that men who are considered to have been “mama’s boy” earn far more money ($80k more per year).

The Grant Study, which was conducted through Harvard University, looked at personality changes through the years between individuals. What they found was that men who’s relationships with their mothers were close performed better at work and school, and also earned more money as a result. They also managed to keep Alzheimer’s and dementia in control as the men grew older.

There is still research to be done along with this study but it appears that those who had a close relationship with their mothers at a young age were happier with their lives as well. They could not however find any link between a son and a father being as close as the son was with the mother and how they develop as they grow older. One great thing about sons having a close relationship with their fathers is that they grow up to be more satisfied with their lives. They also tend to have less anxiety in their lives.

Now this study is not to say that those who are identified as “mama’s boys” are necessarily going to make more money or have a more satisfying life overall. The study’s results are interesting even if they may not be a definitive result yet but perhaps someday we will have more knowledge about how the relationship between a mother and her son affects him later in life.



  1. A son who desires to please his mother will inadvertently work in his own best interest.

    His mother wants him to succeed, to develop good habits, to be accomplished, and to avoid the pitfalls in life. If he inculcates her desires for is life, he will learn to get along with people, exercise self-control, and achieve goals.

    Children who seek to make their parents proud, are generally successful people.

  2. LOL
    Mama Boys want to grow up and take care of mama!
    So he is geared to need enough money to run his own house and buy mama a new one.

  3. Having had the experience of being a long-suffering wife of a “mama’s boy”, I honestly believe that “mama” will always be his “favorite girl”, and the wife will always come in second place — in direct contradiction to the Holy Bible, which admonishes us to “forsake all others”…

    In a marital relationship, husband should be first with the wife, and vice versa.

    I’d rather be married to a man who makes less money, but takes care of his wife, children, and mother — in that order.

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