Have You Ever Done This? Common $ex Injuries and How to Prevent Them or Treat Them


By: Krystle Crossman

There are times when things get a little too frisky in the bedroom and someone ends up getting hurt. This is not how you want things to go obviously, but if they do here are four common injuries and how to treat them should you need it.

1. Disappearing Act: There are some people who like to try inserting foreign objects into interesting places. Those objects then disappear and cannot be retrieved by conventional methods. If you find that you have an object stuck in the [email protected], relax, don’t tense up, and try to remove it. If it’s still stuck after an hour, see a doctor. If you have something stuck in your colon it is time to see the doctor or visit the hospital. It is recommended that if you are inserting toys and objects to never go past two inches in.

2. Pulled Muscles: Twisting and turning to get into different positions can lead to some pulled muscles. To avoid them in the first place try taking up yoga. This will give you better flexibility. If you do pull a muscle you should rest it, ice it, put a compress on it, and elevate it. If it doesn’t improve after a few days, see a doctor.

3. Cuts and Tears: Sometimes when there isn’t enough lubrication or when the s*x is just a little too rough microscopic tears and cuts can happen. This is common but can sting quite a bit. To avoid them use lubricant. There is nothing you can do to treat them but if the pain becomes too much for you to bear and there is a lot of bleeding see a doctor.

4. STDs and UTIs: There are times where you may slip on how careful you are and you end up with an infection. The best way to prevent these is to use c0ndoms every time. If you get an infection, avoid s*x. Try a cold compress for the pain but you will need to get antibiotics from the doctor.



  1. I have had skin tear and pulled muscles, I will consider Yoga for flexibility and more Lubricant to prevent sin break. Thank You R.P.

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