Have You Ever Tried Using a V!brator? Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need To!


By: Isabella Carson

Almost half of the adult female population in the U.S. has used a v!brator at least once in their lives. Many women feel like they do not need to use one or they are not comfortable with the idea. However new research is showing that every single women should use one at least once in her life, if not more! Here are three reasons why you should think about heading over to the adult store or an Athena party to try something new:

1. There are a lot of myths about using an adult toy such as “you will become addicted to it”, “it will take the place of your partner because it’s almost 100% effective”, or “it can create numbness that is permanent”. There is no more chance of you becoming addicted to your vibrating friend than there is of you becoming addicted to washing the dishes. They will not replace your partner in bed as there is only one thing that they can do for you as opposed to your partner who can do a lot more. Even if you don’t climax every time you are intimate with your partner there is a lot more to it than that. You get emotional closeness and a connection that you can’t get with a toy.

2. For some reason it seems that everything that feels good is bad for us. You can’t eat pizza even though you love it because it is bad for your health even if you only have one slice. You can’t have chocolate because it is supposedly bad for your skin. It is taboo to use a toy because people place the stigma on it that it means you are lonely or don’t feel like you are getting enough from your partner. Can’t we do anything that is pleasurable without being told that it’s bad for us in some way? Enjoy doing what you like doing despite what others may say about it as long as you are not going to harm yourself in the process! We should be allowed to enjoy the things that make us feel good.

3. Finally, using a v!brator actually makes having the Big O much easier when you aren’t using it. Many women who have troubles with that part of intimacy find that if they play with a toy they are able to climax when they are with their partner much easier than before. It helps your body to be more responsive and also helps you to learn more about your body and what works for you.


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