Have you Heard of a “Third Level [email protected]’? This “toy” Promises One


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

A $ex toy retailer that is based in the UK called Ann Summers has put out a new toy that they claims it will take women to a “third level” [email protected] This new toy is quite unique looking and was designed by gynecologists. It is called the Ultimate G and looks like a cross between a pencil eraser and an alien!

There are two little arms that stick out with “pleasure bumps” on the ends to stimulate all sorts of nerves. One of the arms is made to hit the internal G-spot while the other one stimulates the cl!toris. That’s right, it works the inside and the outside. This is what brings it to the third level.

What is a third level [email protected] – you may be asking? Well, Ann Summers defines it as the most intense and longest [email protected] that you will ever have and you will be completely satisfied when it is all over. The toy is rechargeable and is made specifically to fit your body and all its nooks and crannies. Intrigued?

While this new toy that is being put out on the market is causing quite a stir on the internet with the ladies, the guys don’t seem too thrilled. One look at some of the comments from men on any article about this toy and you can sense their displeasure!

One man writes, “Great, another reason for women to ignore me…”

Another states, “If my wife could teach this thing how to mow the lawn, I’m certain she’d ask for a divorce.”

Some of the commenters are a little befuddled by the thought of a third level or [email protected]

“Sometimes I don’t understand women. If men were capable of multiple [email protected] with multiple levels and various stages, we’d never leave the house. Frankly, we’d probably all be dead in a week from dehydration.”



  1. Weird that women can’t communicate what they want or need. A toy? Sounds like the invisible hand of the Market is plugging into the adolescent needs of women with unfulfilled desires. Frankly I thought that’s what our fingers and lips were for, aside from the schwantz. Women don’t need a toy; they need a lover and someone with whom they can communicate on multiple levels.

    • Ernest Johnson on

      If a gentleman can put it where she needs it everytime she want it then the toy is just an add-on or a supplement to a wonderful, enjoyable and sleep filled nite. Oops, I normally charge for that info. Happy New Year guys.

      • Ernest Johnson on

        Lesson 102;
        There are 10 levels of pleasure for a lady. Thought you might want or need to know. However, never fool yourself she will always be able to look up longer than you can look down.
        Strut your stuff Ladies, make’em sweat!

  2. Here’s the thing *little* boys (aka men), sometimes we (used loosely/ no pun) as women don’t always wanna be bothered showing our lover how to do it right – sometimes we just want it done. Not to mention that half the time when you start to get it right where we can enjoy it, you’re already finished. So yes, i want this toy. Besides, when I do it myself I ALWAYS enjoy the ride. Just saying.

  3. Where is the picture of it? I would love to see it and what makes it so special. This is not the first toy that was designed to hit your g-spot and clit at the same time. There are many of them out there. I sell My Pure Pleasure and we have the Butterfly Kisses, Calla Lily, Celebrity G Spot Tickler and many others. Using any of these will stimulate three of a womans orgasmic zones.

  4. I stay away from women that use toys. Never going to be able to replace those toys. Seems like Women have taken being a Freak to whole other “level”. Stayup, because it’s crowned at the bottom. Peace