Have You Heard Of Vag!nal Knitting? Here is What It Is


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When someone asks you to go with them to go see a “performance piece” you probably have visions in your head about someone twirling around on stage in a contemporary dance set to an odd poem that makes no sense. One artist in Australia is making a performance piece that will make you cringe even more. For her art, she practices “[email protected] knitting”. Yes, you read that right.

Casey Jenkins has taken “art” to a whole other level. She said that she wants to spread the word about the taboos that surround women’s gen!tals and how women are s*xualized far too often. She calls her piece “Casting Off My Womb”. What Jenkins does is takes a skein of wool, winds it as tightly as possible, and makes sure that it unravels from the center. And then she takes that wool and inserts it up into her lady parts. Again, yes, you read that correctly. She then knits pieces such as scarves from the wool that is located in her gen!tals.

Jenkins is very committed to this project and the message that she is trying to send along with it. She has put up a series of Youtube videos and has also performed her piece on the Australian TV channel SBS2Australia. She says that nothing will stop her and she will do this every day if she has to, no matter what happens during the day, even if she happens to be [email protected] at the time.

This cringe-worthy art project is not the first of its kind either. Artist Marni Kotak gave birth, live in an art gallery. Yoko Ono performed a piece where she dared the audience to cut all of her clothing off. As disturbing as these pieces may be to some, there is an important message behind them all, and the shock value that the artist creates certainly brings about good exposure.



  1. Who are buying the scarfs? Are they stinking after finishing? Are they being sold after she finishes or will they be washed then sold to customers? What is the purpose of this fad? Confused #@&^%$

  2. Clearly, is not getting enough attention from anybody, especially the men folks, sexually. So she is using her feminen crafts to occuppy her time, gain attraction, hoping t drown h sorrows n to come up with something astounding n unique to gain center of attention. She probably knows women, to strengthen their p lips by picking up small pebbles. Eastern Philosophies Meditation Groups

  3. Okay at first, before reading, I said “don’t tell me that some woman’s hair down there has grown so long that she can knit it . . ” but no I could not be that accurate. This woman is inserting yarn into her vagina, making objects and selling them, someone call the darn Health Department for this is MOST UNSANITARY– not to mention somewhat disgusting.

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