Have You Seen Your Vag!na? Here’s What Happened When Some Women Saw Theirs


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Davey Wavey is a Youtube contributor. He poses interesting questions and conducts research on a variety of different topics. One of his latest experiments dealt with a woman’s most unseen part: the [email protected] He asked women if they had ever actually seen their own and if not…why not? He posted an ad on Craigslist and surprisingly quite a few women responded.

Here is a video showing their reactions:

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Here is what they said:

The women that he chose for this research were ones who had never seen their own [email protected] The concept for his video was that he would interview the women asking why they had never actually taken a look down there. They would then see what it looked like and he would videotape their reactions. The reasons that the women who responded gave included having an awkward body shape, s*xual trauma history, body image issues, the worry that it wouldn’t look “normal”, and religion.

One woman stated on camera that her stomach was covering it so she could not see it at all. Another stated that she was afraid to look at it because she thought it was going to be ugly. They were given a hand mirror, sent into a booth dubbed the “[email protected] Booth” and were given time to take a look at what they had been missing out on all these years. Many of the women were in disbelief that they were not more shocked than they actually were. There were a variety of responses including an “aww” from a nun.

What Wavey wants women to take away from this project is that there is no one [email protected] that is the same. They are all different, they are all unique, and there is no “normal” when it comes to how it should look.



  1. It makes no difference how the woman may feel about the vuJJ looks to a real man, a real man would tell the woman that next to her inner beauty that part of her body is the greatest creation since the earth.

  2. You learn something new everyday! I am both shocked and surprised these woman have never seen their Vajji. They must have got a real shock when they finally saw theirs.

    Ladies!!!!!!!. Don’t allow anything to make you feel you cannot see your vajji. Its the most precious place of being a woman. Be proud and love your vajji.

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