Having A Baby Boy Shortens Mother’s Life, Says Study


babyWhen mothers have children that particularly challenge them, you will often hear some mothers say “this child will be the death of me!”  While we can assume that the mothers who say this only say it in a moment of frustration and don’t actually mean it nor believe it, it turns out that they are on to something, especially if the child they are talking about is a boy.

For fathers, it turns out this is not true. A new study claims that having a baby boy can shorten the life of a parent; but only the mother and not the father.

New research shows that they may be right: Having sons can shave an average of eight and a half months off of a mom’s life.

(The affect on dads? None, apparently.)

The study, by evolutionary ecologist Dr. Samuli Helle of the University of Turku in Finland and Dr. Virpi Lummaa of the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom, was published this week in the journal Biology Letters. He and his team looked at the post-childbirth survival rates of 11,166 mothers and 6,360 fathers in pre-industrial Finland, using records kept by the Lutheran Church there.

“Irrespective of access to resources, mothers, but not fathers, with many sons suffered from reduced post-reproductive survival,” they wrote in the study.

The subjects were born in eight different parts of Finland during the 17th to 20th centuries—a time period when the mostly agricultural society did not have access to modern medical care or birth control. After crunching the numbers, the researchers found that a mother who bore six sons would live on average another 32.4 years after the youngest son’s birth, while a mother who gave birth to girls would live approximately 33.1 years after her youngest daughter came along.

The shorter life expectancy was the same regardless of the mom’s social or financial status, though Helle said that “societal and cultural reasons could also play a factor.”

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  1. Lorenzo Alton Williams on

    Science never creats the unknown it only disects, we as parents have no control over what God (our creator) allow us to have( be it male or female) yet we are asked to assume just what is healthyer for the parents. I ask, just what are you saying, I mom is haveing a girl allow life, or if mom is having a boy take life away.Have you left your creative brain in a lunchbox? God has the last word in this not man (or woman) Mothers to be take back controll of your life. start exercising before you decide to have a child (be it male or female or both)even during your child carring months, strengthen those parts that need to be strenghten, and before the process of going thru the lovemaking (I know that sound kinda raw even to the squeemish) you and your husband should always pray, for it is God that gives you the power to concieve,just give him the glory, and stop listening to crazy folk…..Giving God the Glory….TheElder&WifeSoSpeak

    • Lorenzo Alton Williams please shut the shut f*ck up and go preach somewhere else ! No one really gives a sh*t about your point of view of anything, so I don’t know why you even wasted your time and my time. God may have the first say in what child we should have, but best believe I will have the second say ! I am not God but if I don’t want to have a child I won’t have it. There is this thing called ab0rtion you know. I for one am against having male children and I would never bring a man into this world. Lets hope God doesn’t give me one because I am sure to ab0rt it. Men are nothing but filthy disgusting non progressive elements. Men are just a lower form of being, that’s something between a rat and a cockroach, and you are no exception. All of you are worthless pieces of sh*t and is the reason why the world is such a bad place..FVCK ALL OF YOU!!


      • But you are using D-I-C-K in order to breed. Take your L-e-z-z-y a$$ elsewhere and get a lobotomy. You are too far gone for therapy.

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  3. @Dani,

    You sound like a miserable and confused, sick little puppy. Lmao go get some psychiatric help. I liked the post previous to yours. What a humble thing and a blessing it is that God allows us to experience the miracle of birth. We contribute our genetic makeup and the males sperm is what determines the sex of child, and its all by way of God. So yeah pipe down Dani boo boo.

  4. I am sorry, but I am still trying to figure out how Dani is going to get pregnant with any child without a man?Hate really does dumb you down. Now that’s comedy. Looks like her parents were kin folk.

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