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acupunctureBy Staff Blogger

Those of us who have never tried acupuncture and have limited knowledge of what it is may get a little nervous when we hear someone suggesting it for healing. The images of needles all over someone’s body floods our minds and make us apprehensive but if we can quiet those fearful thoughts, acupuncture is actually worth considering.

Those who are familiar with acupuncture report that it has many benefits and they appreciate the holistic approach that acupuncturists take.

Acupuncture has been acknowledged as a safe, sterile, 21st-Century approach to healing and yes, treatment can help you get to sleep at night!

 It would also be wise to consider acupuncture treatment before surgery for that carpal tunnel pain you’ve been dealing with (or any other surgical procedure) for that matter, as brain scans have shown treatment increases the number of recepters for pain-reducing neurotransmitters in your nervous system, providing more relief.
Additionally, if you’re planning to have surgery, consider having acupuncture before and after the surgery and then continue treatment throughout rehabilitation. Study after study has shown you’ll recover more quickly and require fewer pain medications if you do. (Unless you’d prefer to deal with their common side effects, like nausea and inability to move your bowels or eat food after surgery.) 
Now firmly implanted in hospitals across the country and sports arenas around the world and with private Chinese Medicine clinics cropping up in nearly every major city—it seems clear that acupuncture is here to stay. 
Further, the ability to function without the need for electronics and machinery has allowed mobile acupuncture clinics to answer the need for trauma relief and recovery in much-needed areas like war zones, disaster sites and underserved populations around the world.
 If you haven’t tried acupunture yet, consider looking at healing in a new way, and give yourself this gift. Surrender to something that guides you towards an awareness of what’s going on inside of you. Something that makes the contents of your whole “container” feel better.

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