Heal Your Life, Starting With Healing Your Body


sunrise womanBy Staff Blogger

Jurriaan Kamp has a theory that if you can heal your body, you can heal your life as a whole. Kamp says that we are trapped in a conspiracy that is run by medical establishments, pharmaceutical companies, and food companies that make sure they have you in their grasp from the moment you are born until the moment you die. Kamp notes however that people in places like the Amazon and rural China do not die from things like cancer or heart disease. They die comfortably in their own beds.

A shaman views illness as an imbalance in the natural harmony of things when the body is disconnected from ourselves. Shamans believe that there is a luminous energy field (LEF) which tells your cell, molecules, and genes what to do. When the Shaman is performing medical healing they start by upgrading the quality of the energy that enters the LEF. In technological terms the LEF is the software, the brain and nervous system are the hardware. The LEF tells the DNA what to do.

Kamp states that upgrading the LEF is the way to heal the body. Once the LEF is upgrading, the body can begin to heal itself. Before this healing process can begin, the first step is to take Omega-3 to repair your hippocampus. After that you must eliminate gluten and dairy for at least a month to allow your immune system to go through a reset. After that you must stop eating grains which will help to reduce inflammation in the body. Finally you must go through a detox so that your entire system is ready to begin the LEF healing.


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