Health Alert: Pizza Hut Manager Caught Ur!nating Into Sink


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We have seen Taco Bell employees licking the taco shells and we have seen Subway workers putting their “junk” on loaves of unbaked bread. Now we come to you with a story from a West Virginia Pizza Hut where another employee has done something disgusting.

The Kermit, WV Pizza Hut has been temporarily shut down by the Health Department after a district manager was seen ur!nating in one of the sinks. The footage was caught on a surveillance tape that was housed in the kitchen. Pizza Hut had released a statement shortly after stating that they were embarrassed by the actions of this particular district manager. The employee was promptly fired as Pizza Hut Corp has a zero tolerance policy for anything that would violate health codes such as this.

The restaurant will be shut down indefinitely until they have thoroughly cleaned the sink out and have made sure that the proper procedures will be followed by all employees. This incident happened after hours once the store was closed down. The manager was standing by the sink, working at a computer that was just a few steps away. He turned around and walked over to the sink, unzipped his pants and began to relieve himself in one of the dish sinks. He turned on the water after he was finished to wash everything down the sink and then didn’t even wash his hands after. He grabbed his coffee cup and kept on working.

With all of the employees that have been acting in this manner lately it makes you wonder how most of these restaurants are staying open. After you hear stories like this, do you question how clean the restaurant that you are eating at really is?


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