Healthy Barbie: Famous Doll Re-created With Normal Body


barbie-makeoverBy Staff Blogger

When we were kids, most of us played with Barbie dolls. A lot of little girls had the entire Barbie mansion, the Corvette, more clothes than they had for myself, along with Ken and Skipper to boot. We know Barbie as the skinny size zero doll whose feet had been in high heels so much that she was permanently walking on her toes with her beautiful blonde hair flowing in the fake breeze. Barbie has been under fire because she is too skinny and unrealistically disproportional.

Many consumers feel that this is sending the wrong message to the little girls that play with Barbie. They say it can promote a very unhealthy and unrealistic idea of what a person’s body should look like. Enter 24 year old artist Nickolay Lamm.

Lamm decided that Barbie needed a makeover. With the help of Photoshop Lamm created a more average sized Barbie doll. The new Barbie is in line with the CDC’s guidelines for what an average 19 year old should look like. She has a fuller waistline, shorter legs and torso, a rounder face, and flat feet. Lamm says that while it is a valid argument that people shouldn’t be looking to a toy to base what they think a body should look like, it still happens, so a more realistic body type for the doll could help those who view Barbie as a type of role model.

The new Barbie is just an illustration on a computer for now but Lamm hopes that it will become and overnight sensation. He says the new “normal Barbie” shows girls that they are beautiful just the way they are. He also says that if it can throw out a positive image and help girls with negative views of their bodies, it is worth it.



  1. Shani Nicole on

    That short doll does not look normal. Her neck is short shoulders and broad. It needs some tweaking.

  2. Cassy Eastman on

    This doll looks short, stocky and not very feminine. Is this what the barbie makers think that this is what a healthy woman looks like?

  3. I my self grew up hating myself because I never looked like barbie. I was always bigger and when I was younger I would sometimes cry my self to sleep. Now that I am a teenager I struggle with an eating disorder but know getting help, but the idea that barbie is the perfect weight that every girl and guy wants for a girl has been drilled in my head so bad. I am always criticizing my self and others(not to there face, only in my head). I’ll think things like if she lost 5-10 pounds she’ll be perfect. Usually they are very pretty and barbie- like dolls, so I can speak from experience that this is VERY unhealthy(having barbie so skinny, tall, pretty, model-like.

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