Healthy Diet on a Budget: Can it be Done?


By: Krystle Crossman

It is hard to be able to afford quality and healthy food at the supermarkets these days. The price of good produce keeps rising while the cost of some of the worst foods such as Ramen Noodles is nice and low. It is like stores are catering bad health to those who may not have as much money as others. If you are on a budget, try these steps to stretch the money a little farther.

1. Make a list that plans out all of your meals. You can go shopping every day for the meal you are planning, or you can make a list of the weekly meals. This way you end up buying less junk food.

2. Try to get foods from the bulk bin. They will be more expensive, but if you break it down product by product, you will see that you are actually saving money by buying a bunch right then and there.

3. Don’t eat out as often. It is expensive and not the healthiest food that you could be eating.

4. Soak dry beans in water overnight instead of buying canned beans. It will save you a lot of sodium.

5. Try a local co-op in your area if you have one. You can have the option to upgrade to organic in many co-ops as well for a small additional fee. This is a place that you can really stretch your dollar.

6. Buy produce that is in season at the time. It will be cheaper, will be easier to find, and will be fresh.

7. Check out your local grocery stores on Facebook and Twitter to see what kind of sales they are running or will be running in the near future.

8. Bring only a certain amount of cash in with you and that is it. If you go over you have to put something back.


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