Healthy Finances: How Rich Women Achieve Their Financial Dreams


World’s Richest woman-Folorunso-Alakija of Nigeria


By: Krystle Crossman

Money can be hard to come by. Often times we struggle to make ends meet. There are some steps that you can take to help you achieve financial fitness and live a more comfortable lifestyle with less stress.

Your struggle can end if you put your mind to it, according to “rich woman”, Kim Kiyosaki, author of Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women.

Kiyosaki cautions,

“This is a big dream. And it will take all of you. It will test you at times. If you’re doing this for anyone other than you, then you won’t make it. You will quit. This is why your reason for pursuing your dream, your purpose for your financial journey, has to be what you really want deep down in your heart and soul. It’s your drive and passion that will get you through the rough patches, the doubts, and the setbacks. But every success you experience will propel you forward.”

First you need to realize that there is no miracle cure for being broke. There are no get-rich-quick schemes that will make you a millionaire overnight no matter what those pop-up ads on the internet say. You have to carve your own financial path. Think of financial freedom as a new building and you are the one that needs to create the blueprints.

You also need to remember that you should not compromise your beliefs and values to get finances. Stay true to who you are and do not bend your values for anyone. Everyone seems to want you to be someone such as a wife, mother, sister, teacher, maid…but you need to learn how to be you. Be yourself. Do what you want and do it for yourself. Once you can learn to do more things just for you, you will be able to learn how to manage your finances.

This is where the money comes in. Remain true to you when you are dealing with money as well. When you go out shopping at the store, really think about what you are buying, who you are buying it for, and the reason that you are buying it. If it is something that you don’t need but someone else expects you to buy it, put it back.

Think about your goals and your dreams before you swipe that debit card. If what you are buying is not ultimately a part of the financial future you want, you probably don’t need it. Think about how much money you need to shave off of your expenses every month and think about things that you can cut out that you truly don’t need, such as dining out every week. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can save when you just think about you.




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