Healthy Life: Questions That You Should Be Asking Yourself Everyday to Stay Focused


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

We would all like to lead healthier lives. To do that it starts with us and how we connect with our bodies. Ask yourself these questions every day to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle.

1. What are the choices that I am going to make today?: You will make tons of decisions during the day, and there are many that can affect your health. Will you choose to bring a healthy lunch to work or pig-out on some fatty vending machine food? Will you take a walk around the building on your break or sit and surf the internet? Will you take the stairs or the elevator? What are you choosing for a meal for your family? Are you choosing to do the right exercises?

2. What excuses do I need to stop making?: If you keep making the same excuses every day as to why you don’t make some of the healthiest choices, list them out and sit down to really think about why you are making these excuses. You and only you are responsible for how healthy you are, so stop making the excuses and look at the benefits instead.

3. What healthy habit should I be focused on today?: Pick a habit such as walking around the block or eating a salad and focus on that habit today. Or you can focus on a bad habit that you have and try as hard as you can to break it or find a healthy alternative.

4. Why do I want to be so healthy?: Think about the reasons that being healthy is what you need. Maybe you want to live a long and happy life, or maybe you would like to set a good example for your kids. Either way, find out why and then focus on that to achieve your goals and stay strong.


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