Healthy Living 101: 3 Simple Steps To a Healthier Life


Happy Woman in MeadowBy Staff Blogger

It seems that nowadays we are inundated with information about all the horrible poisons and toxin in just about everything we have been eating most of our lives. While it is good to continue to learn about the different ingredients that go into the food that we so willingly buy from supermarkets and grocery stores, it can get overwhelming. Once a person gets overwhelmed, it is easier to just give up and not try to make changes that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

To make it simple to start a healthy lifestyle, keep one word in mind: natural

When choosing what to eat,  Mother Nature made it simple for us:

  • Eating foods that naturally come from the earth
  • Using minimally processed and less packaged foods
  • Choosing foods that are low in sodium, trans fat-free and without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial sugars

The second second simple step you can take is to move more. Go out and enjoy nature. Taking a walk, whether it is a slow and leisurely walk or a brisk walk that causes you to sweat a little, will do you a whole lot more good than sitting on your couch munching and crunching¬† some potato chips. If you don’t feel like a walk, maybe you can go for a bike ride. What ever you do, get out and move and while you’re out there, breathe in some fresh air. Don’t let cold weather persuade you to skip the outdoors; you can bundle up and still enjoy the outdoors.

Last, but not least, is water. Drink more water. If you don’t particularly like to drink water, maybe you can squeeze in a splash of lemon. If it’s cold, you can drink warm water, also with a splash of lemon. The benefits of drinking water are amazing.


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