Healthy Love: Ever Wonder Why Men Cheat?


men cheatMany people were interested to find out why women cheat on the men they love, so we decided to also explore why men also cheat.

200 men were surveyed. Some had cheated before, others hadn’t. 48% of the men that had cheated said that they did it because they were emotionally dissatisfied. They felt like they weren’t an equal part of the relationship or weren’t being heard. Men do not express feelings as women do most of the time, so this was their venting method of choice. Surprisingly only 8% of the men said that it was because they weren’t happy with their s*e*x life.

66% of the men that had cheated felt guilty while they were having the affair. They knew it was wrong, and yet they did it anyway. 68% regretted ever having the affair in the first place, but unfortunately, you can’t take back what is alreadydone.

Peer pressure and looking ‘cool’ for friends appears to be a huge factor when it comes to cheating as 77% of the men that had cheated had a good friend who was also a cheater. In order to avoid cheating, men fare better in a more nurturing and moral environment.

So where do these men meet the women they cheat with? Do they pick them up in bars and have one night stands? Mostly, no! 40% met them at work, and 73% got to know the woman for a month or longer before cheating. This is may be why many females are not comfortable with their partner having a close female friend.

Word to the wise ladies: Listen to your man. Make him feel like he is part of the team and he is appreciated and respected and he will be less likely to stray.



  1. I have done everything to prevent the men I been with from cheating and nothing works! I have been told how I am a good women, a best friend, sexy, great in bed, loyal, ect…u name it, but still I keep getting the same results! So I give up cause it seems men gonna cheat no matter what! And as long as there are women out there helping them cheat, nothing is gonna change. I rather be by myself then to put up with a cheater.

    • While I cannot speak to your personal experiences, there may be an underlying issue that you have not explored yet whether it be the “men” that you are choosing to involve yourself with or the dynamics of those relationships. There are many issues that can be attributed to this particular situation, however I would hesitate before claiming that all men or women cheat.

    • As long as women put up with men cheating and keep on taking them back after catching them time and time again…there will be no reason for them to do otherwise. People will do anything that is without consequence.

  2. Some must be wrong with the men you are selecting. All men don’t cheat if they are sure believers in what God says about cheating.

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  4. Perhaps we women need to establish a foundation in the relationships we are in before we start sleeping with the men. If we offer more than sex in the beginning of a relationship, it will give the relationship time to develop before it becomes sexual. Learn about each other PRIOR to giving in to sex. I guess that’s why it’s better to be celibate until marriage.

  5. In lifes’ experience their are pains as we grow and learn, meaning just because we have grown….we have not learned it all!! People are gonna cheat!(pain) Be it He or She! The sad thing is you can’t do anything about it!(pain) So, as you learn to grow through the pain, you have to understand that not everyone cheats!(growing) and articles like these are designed to enhance your product(growing) while continuing to live your life!! ***Signed a single man, that has cheated & been cheated!! But still searching!!***

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