Healthy Love: How To Spot A Cheater


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Did you know that at least 15% of women and 25% of men will cheat at some point in their marriage? Is it possible to spot a cheater before you get in too deep with them? There may be a few ways to spot one and try to avoid getting hurt by a cheater.

According to Dr. Gian Gonzaga, only 5% of people think infidelity is okay. The numbers above only represent physical infidelity. Emotional infidelity raises the numbers quite a bit. Dr. Gonzaga has found that 40% of marriages will experience some kind of infidelity, emotional or physical.

Says Gonzaga,

“So, is it possible to spot a cheater? Potentially, but not in the conventional ways people assume. Excess testosterone or not enough ego-boosting from the other partner are old wives tales. There are some much more scientific reasons for infidelity in marriage.”

There is no one reason why a spouse cheats. It could be they are lacking an emotional connection, they are not satisfied with their s*x life, they are drunk, or they just don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Men are more likely to cheat on women. Cheating can be brought about by psychological conditions too or from being a child of divorce, or s*xual abuse, or even being non-religious.

The type of person is not always the indicator. The marriage may not be a happy one, so the spouse decides to venture out to see what is out there before breaking it off. They are lacking the emotional or physical closeness that they once had in the relationship. This doesn’t make it right, but it is a warning sign. The affair usually happens when they meet someone who makes them happy at an unhappy time in their life.

According to Gonzaga,

“There are ways to make cheating less likely within your relationship:
•    Know the difference between the relationship between you and your spouse, and that you have with friends.
•    Stay connected within your marriage, working to keep it warm and vitalized
•    If you feel the way you and your partner treat each other has changed, try to address this before the situation becomes impossible
•    Remember, marriage doesn’t protect you from feelings of lust toward other people, you just have to learn to keep those feelings in check”


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