Healthy Love? Kanye West Begs Kim Kardashian For Her Hand In Marriage


kim-kanye-bet-awardsBy: Madam Prezident

Kanye West’s dream has come true. Kim Kardashian has accepted his proposal and they are going to get marriage. Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian in San Francisco’s AT&T Park but he didn’t propose like your average Joe; Mr. West went all out.

According to Yahoo, Kanye West asked Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother for her blessing before he popped the question. Kanye West gave Kim an enormous diamond ring; a 15-carat diamond ring by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz to be exact.

Kanye brought Kim to the park, got down on one knee, and behind him on the Jumbotron read “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” and Kim said, “Yes.”

After the proposal, Kanye West had an orchestra play Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” then one of Kanye’s own hits, “Knocks you down.” I know you remember the song, with him Keri Hilson, and Neyo.

The band played the music, and then Kim’s family and close friends came out to greet and congratulate her on her new engagement.

It is rather interesting that Kanye West had the Jumbotron read “Please Marry Me.” One would think that when two people share a mutual love and a child, begging isn’t necessary. In the past, reports stated that Kanye West had asked Kim Kardashian for her hand in marriage before and she denied his request. How this couple and their baby’s life will work out in the long run remains to be seen.

Now, Kim Kardashian has been married/ engaged three times including Kanye West, do you think this marriage will last?

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  1. This is Kim’ 3rd engagement, and she has been married twice before this making, 3 time’s the charm? Only time will tell… 😛

  2. Whosoever put away his wife saving for the cause of fornication, causes her to comnit adultery and whoever shall marry her that is divorced commit adultery. Matthew 5:32

  3. Black people are in no position whether Kanye and Kim’s love is “healthy”. We have some of the most dysfunctional, unhealthy relationships in this country. A 72% out of wedlock birthrate, black women have the LOWEST marriage percentage, a continuous cycle of fake azz relationships that are over by the time the chick discovers she’s pregnant, dudes pollinating anything resembling a coochie, dudes impregnating multiple women (like the idiot with 17 kids and nine baby mamas), a continuous cycle of unprotected sexx and spreading of stds and baby daddies who have no intention of wifing up their baby mama, AND the INSANE, destructive cycle of procreating and bringing black babies into the work in continuous cycle of poverty instead of using birth control. Yeah, like we really have room to talk about a brotha who is on the verge of marrying the mother of his daughter. We need to get our own house in order instead of running our mouths about people who have or who are getting their house in order.

  4. Since when it’s any body’s business if someone’s relationship will or will not last? Don’t you have enough going on in your life?

  5. I don’t even care about them or their relationship. Why should we? The only comment I have is that I hope that now that he’s a father, Kanye will calm down and stop being so stupid in his comments. I wish them well.

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