Healthy Love: Why You Should Say No To Marriage Before Age 30


ThumbsupblackwomanWe have all heard that women have been getting married later and later as well as having children later in life. Nowadays, women want to focus on their careers and get established before they get married. Gone are the days when women used college as a place to “hunt” for a husband or as a place to prepare for marriage with courses like “home economics” etc.

The benefits of getting married after 30 years of age, among others, are that the chances of the marriage ending in divorce are lower and women who wait to get married also have better careers and make more money than the women who got married at an earlier age.

The divorce rate in the U.S. has been on the decline since 1980—and the fact that women are getting married at an older age explains at least 60 percent of the decline, according to a 2011 study published by the Social Science Research Network.

While the riskiest time to get married is in your teens, your chances of going through a divorce are about 34 percent if you get married between the ages of 20 and 23—compared to 20 percent if you get married between the ages of 27 to 29 and 8 percent if you wait to get married until after you’re 30, according to a survey by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

“The longer you wait to get married, the more education and wealth you’ll have, which will translate to more stability when you get married,” says Brad Wilcox, PhD, director of The National Marriage Project at The University of Virginia.

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  1. There is some truth to this but on the flip side, if you haven’t been married or have a dozen kids by 30 people think you are weird or have issues.

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