Healthy Mind: Dr. Phil Shares How The “F” Word Can Ruin Your Life


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

According to Dr. Phil there is one four letter word that has the potential to ruin your life. It begins with an F, but it is not the word you are probably thinking of. It is a word that is not offensive, but has a dark side to it that can cause a lot of trouble in your life if you let it. That word is…fear.

Dr. Phil tells of a psychology teacher that he used to have who said that 80% of our decisions are based on fear; fear that you will not get to work on time so you speed or fear that you will run out of time to start a family so you marry the man who is there and willing at that moment even if you don’t feel like he is the right one for you. Maybe you have a a fear that you will not get the job you want to apply for so you don’t bother applying.

All of these decisions that are made based upon fear had the opportunity to change your life in very drastic ways, but since you let fear take over, you refused that opportunity. The sad part is that you have probably been letting fear take over for so long now you don’t even realize it anymore.

Go back and look at the top 7 biggest decisions that you have made in your life and list the reason as to why you made them. Answer truthfully and you may be shocked at the answers that you give. Were you trying to obtain something that you really wanted or were you giving in to fear because you were afraid of rejection? If you find that you are making more decisions based on fear, it’s time for a change. Don’t give in to fear; conquer it. No one came to be happy and successful in life by sitting back and letting that fear take the wheel. Life is about taking risks and taking chances.

Next time you have a big decision to make, ask yourself, “what if” if you did something in spite of the fear. What if you applied for the job and got it? How great would that be? What if you said no to the fear of rejection and auditioned for that singing contest? What if you won? Look at all of the positive things that can be done when you don’t give in to fear.



  1. I learned in the U.S. Army 1955-1958 Any one can overcome fear and be the best you can be,Because you will mature. i suggest to young people if you try the Military experience the odds are and I pray you will be a winner ihe rest of your life.


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