Healthy Relationship? Karrueche is Spending V-Day in Rehab With Chris Brown


By: Krystle Crossman

There are some people who are dedicated to those they love and then there are some who are really dedicated and will do whatever they can for them. Karrueche Tran hasn’t hidden the fact that she loves Chris Brown and is willing to do pretty much anything for him. That apparently includes spending Valentine’s Day with him hidden away at rehab.

A reporter for Hollywood Life says that Tran wouldn’t miss spending V-day with Brown for anything and that they aren’t going to let something like being in different places at the moment stop them from being together.

Sources say that when she visits Brown she will be bringing some tasty treats with her as well. She loves to cook so she is going to bring him some homemade meals. The source said that Brown has never been much of an eater, but Tran wants him to at least have a good meal while he is recovering. She is apparently planning to make shrimp biscuits and homemade cabbage.

Brown will be finishing his rehab stint on February 20th. He is in for 90 days after he had a violent meltdown at a treatment center. He is also order to have random drug testing due to his probation for his domestic assault on singer Rihanna outside of a club in 2009. Tran and Brown’s mother are planning on having a party for him for when he comes back home. She says she doesn’t want to have anything too over the top. It will be more of a party where they order take-out, play music, play on the Xbox, and just hang out for the day to welcome him home.


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  1. Thank you Tran for your unconditional love for Chris. I pray that he can pull himself together to continue making good music. He is a great performer.

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