Healthy Relationships: Why RHWOA’s Kenya Said Kandi “could afford to miss a meal”


Kandi and KenyaBy Staff Blogger

Kenya Moore has been the most controversial member of Bravo’s reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta, since she stepped foot on the show. She seems to have mastered the ability of stirring something up with every other member of the cast. In the most recent episode of the show, the Detroit native and former Miss USA certainly did not disappoint.

The beauty queen diva made some nasty comments about Kandi because Kandi was late for an appointment that all the ladies had planned to show up for. Kandi shared that she was late because she had been hungry and decided to stop at Chik-fil-A to get something to eat. In Kenya’s books, Kandi making everyone wait while she got something to eat was unacceptable and this prompted a heated exchange between Kandi and Kenya, after which Kenya made the comment that Kandi could certainly “afford to miss a meal”. This obviously implied that Kandi was overweight.

In a recent post at her Bravo blog, Kenya attempted to explain what she meant when she made the mean spirited comment about Kandi:

  “I made a wise crack at Kandi saying she could skip a meal…Kandi knows I think she has a great figure, so I’m sure she laughed as we have together about the 5-10 pounds she wants to lose.”

Kenya then went on to, as expected, shift the conversation to herself and also make a shameless plug about her  fitness DVD:

 “I’m not a tiny girl myself, and I appreciate a woman with curves…I won Miss USA at 128lbs and I’m now a healthy 145-150lb at 5’10…As women, we know 5lbs is everything to us, but I simply encourage all women to be healthy. My best selling workout DVD “Booty Boot Camp” is available worldwide on”

What do you think; was Kenya being playful or mean-spirited?



  1. Kenya seems to say anything to be controversial and remain on this show. Anything for the money. Fake fiancé for a storyline, hippocritical alliances with hair dressers, and hater relations with anyone with an established career. Who was the first to diss NeNe for losing the show on NBC. Kenya talks tough on a boring show based upon fluff, and and wretched stuff.

  2. Kenya meant exactly what she said. She’s always trying to say something slick out her mouth. She needs to stay on her meds because she’s definitely nuts!!!

  3. It is all about the “money” that is what these reality shows are about, when the show is over they go out together and laugh about all the hell each one has created on the show.

  4. MsSapphire9800 on

    People takes these reality shows to serious, these shows are created to get people excited, talking and taking sides with different cast members. I do not believe that any of these woman are jealous of the next one. A couple seasons in the past NeNe was the underdog and was getting people upset, now it is Kenya. Next season it maybe someone different.

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