Heart Disease is Number One K!ller Among Women Yet They Don’t Take Medication


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According to a recent study, women are worse at taking their medications than men are. A survey followed 1,000 men and women that took some kind of medication daily. They were asked if they occasionally neglected to take their medications. 45% of women said that they did as compared to 36% of men.

One third of the women had also admitted to stopping medication or not refilling the prescription as they should have without talking to a doctor first. Only 20% of men admitted to doing this. This could mean serious things for the state of health of the women in this country. Adherence to medications that you are prescribed is extremely important. Any deviation can cause serious problems.

Heart disease is the number one killer among women and it stems from high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Medications and monitoring by a physician can help with these and prevent death by heart disease, however if the patient does not adhere to the medications, their condition will worsen and become dire.

Some people don’t adhere to their medications for many reasons such as forgetfulness, finances, and confusion about the medication. Without insurance, medicine is extremely expensive and many cannot afford it, but they are afraid to tell their doctor or don’t know that generics may be available. When some women pick the medications up they don’t stick around to ask the pharmacist about the medication, or when they get home they are confused about taking it, so they just stop for fear that they are going to take the wrong dosage.

There are programs that are being developed to help patients with taking their medication properly but for now doctors can only remind their patients as to how important adherence is.



  1. Many times the medication is worse than the disease. What we should be teaching is prevention through exercise and good nutritional eating habits!

  2. Are you a day late and a dollar short? This info has been out for quite some time. Women, especially black women need to know this info and start doing something to combat the problem. This isn't new news, it is news that we need to pay attention too.

  3. Kudos for the Women who obviously recognize that medication does nothing more than make it worse and add more diagnosis and more medications. Drugs are not the answer and I know from experience. In 2007 they diagnosed my with a Heart Condition they said was incurable and I might need a heart transplant. While waiting for a heart, I prayed, believed God and tried supplements off the shelf…no good, products from Market America…expensive and no good… 1 year 7 months and 28 days later I met the Moringa via Zija International and I received a clean medical report, on no drugs, no pain, looking and feeling younger every day and loving life. The extra money is good too, haven't had a job in 3 years. Check on My Facebook Page Moringa Oleifera First To Market…lots of health and Wealth testimonies.

  4. Yes. Many a woman are struggling as single head od household owners working uninsured making it very difficult to afford the medications or doctors visits treatment.

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