Here Are More Details About Serena Williams’ Latest Money Move


By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Serena Williams (pictured) is much more than a legendary megastar in the world of professional tennis.

The 37-year-old world-class championship athlete has a personal net worth of $180 million, according to Essentially Sports. However, in addition to the $8 million dollar annual salary the 23-time Grand Slam winner earns from playing professional tennis, Williams has a slew of other financial weapons in her arsenal.

Her list of endorsement deals with major brands include powerhouses, such as Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines, Aston Martin, Pepsi, Beats by Dre headphones, IBM, Intel, and Chase Bank. Williams also serves as Chief Sporting Officer for the luxury sports car brand Aston Martin.

Also, like any wise person who has been blessed with a substantive amount of wealth, Williams has a robust division of her portfolio, which involves charity. However, since 2014, Williams has been aggressively doing a great deal of investment into venture capitalism.

In a recent post on Instagram, Williams told her followers that she just invested in 30 startup companies, which collectively have a $12 billion dollar accumulated market cap. Through her umbrella company Serena Ventures, Williams has enlisted the best people in the business when it comes to venture capitalism.

Venture capitalism involves pumping money into promising companies and getting a sizable percentage of ownership of the firms in return. Williams is the President of her venture capital fund.

She also brought on Alison Rapaport, an experienced CPA who previously had success at the investment conglomerate J.P. Morgan. Rapaport serves as the Vice President of Serena Ventures.

“[Williams] originally launched [her venture capital fund]with the stated mission of giving founders that cross over many industries the chance to launch their ideas while embracing diverse leadership, individual empowerment and creativity when leading their team,” wrote Simon Ogus, a Sports Money contributor for Forbes Magazine.

“Serena Ventures focuses on early-stage companies and giving them the opportunity to be heard. As we grow, we hope to mentor young founders and take burgeoning entrepreneurs to the next level,” says a statement on Williams’ company website.

Congratulations to Serena Williams for her success at marriage, motherhood, sports, and her burgeoning business empire!

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