Here’s Why Beyoncé Named Her Album “Lemonade”


By Victor Trammell

Celebrity performing artists who have creative control of their careers sometimes choose the darnedest titles for their full-length album projects.

Singer/performer Beyonce (pictured) has defied the norm once again by the surprise release of her sixth full-length album this past weekend. The 34-year-old entertainer debuted her latest LP called “Lemonade” on HBO during a 60-minute short film about the music on this new project.

Nobody was probably expecting Beyonce’s next album to be named after a common beverage. However, with the weird trends celebrities are following toward naming their newborn babies, it’s probably safe to say that nothing is off the table when it comes to choosing album titles as well.

However, there is a method to Beyonce’s madness when it comes to why she chose “Lemonade” as the title of her latest album. Apparently, her reason for coming up with this title was inspired by a recent family event she attended, which celebrated the 90th birthday of her husband Jay Z’s grandmother.

At the birthday party, Jay Z’s grandmother Hattie read a statement into a microphone as she stood at a podium. During her statement, she quoted numerous things as she reflected on her life. “I was served lemons but I made lemonade,” Hattie said.

Beyonce heard these words that were spoken by her husband’s grandmother and took them to heart. So there you have it. This is where Beyonce’s initial inspiration to name her new album came from. However, some of the song lyrics on her “Lemonade” project are angry.

One of Beyonce’s songs on her new project contain lyrics that connotate a wife’s frustration at her husband’s failure to stop philadering with other women via telephone. “”How did it come down to this? Scrolling throughout yo call list? I don’t wanna loose my pride but, I’mma f**k me up a b***h,” she sings.

Let’s hope these lyrics are subliminal and do not apply to Beyonce’s actual life. For God’s sake, Jay Z is too old to still be playing games with a woman’s mind.






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