He’s Just Not That Into You; Move On!


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By Lorie Hardy

When you meet someone you are attracted to, the beginning of the relationship can make you feel like you have hit the lottery if that person is everything you were looking for in a partner.  But don’t let these stupendous feelings blind you from the actions of the person.  It’s okay to feel giddy, but don’t let it cost you later.

I always say, actions speak louder than words and a man is a very simple creature; his actions and/or words are not hard to figure out if you are paying attention.

Here are three signs he’s not the one.

1)  If you make plans and it’s only the 1st or 2nd date and he doesn’t show up or even bother to call. He better have a good reason as to why, otherwise you are just the standby.  Maybe he originally saw something in you that piqued his interest but a better offer came along and he deemed that person more important than you. Don’t make someone your priority when you are just their option.  If a man is interested in you, he will make the time to spend with you; even if he was juggling 20 clubs in the air before you met him, he’s going to make you his priority.

2). If you are the only one making the calls to get together, he’s not the one.  He should be just as excited about seeing you as you are to see him. Same goes for if you call him and he doesn’t call back for a couple of days, when before he was calling back within 2 minutes or he answered when you call.  Again, if a man who is interest in you, you won’t have to hunt him down to spend time with him.

3). If he is pressuring you to do something that you are not comfortable doing, he’s not the one. One of the main reasons you get to know someone is to find out if you are compatible with that person.  If you are dead set against doing what is requested of you, you shouldn’t feel obligated to change who you are or what you believe in order to be involved with anyone.  The man you want to be involved with will accept you as you are; and if you aren’t what he desires he should be man enough to inform you of such, and you should give him the same respect if you are not feeling him.

These are just little signs that can help you gauge if he is the one in the beginning of the relationship.  And when I say “the one”, I’m referring to someone who is a potential partner, but you have to be observant and patience for the obvious signs to be revealed.  No one, male or female, can keep up an act for very long, eventually their true self will surface.

Enjoy getting to know the man you are interested in. Be yourself, but pay attention closely to see if he is the one.

Lorie Hardy is the author of “There Are No Good Men Because There Are No Good Women”.  She has a passion to empower women and children in all aspects of life.  She is a weekly guest on the “Straight Talk” internet show.  She is a writer and director.  Visit Lorie at www.facebook.com/empowerment4life , www.empowerment4life.com, or on twitter @empowermnt4life



  1. Excellent barometers and advice. Keep your legs closed and your eyes open so you can really see what he is all about.

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