He’s Not Cheating: Why Your Man Doesn’t Want to $ex You Up


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Because of all of the stereotypes around men wanting to get frisky all day, every day, many women will jump to the conclusion that their man is cheating if he doesn’t feel “in the mood” for a night. It is just the conclusion many women will draw.

Here are six reasons why he may not be feeling it. Ladies, read up and ease your minds.

1. After a big meal or a long day at work, would you feel s*xy? Probably not. Eating a big salty cheeseburger or sitting in a stuffy cubicle all day sometimes sucks all of the s*xy right out. Your guy gets that way too sometimes. If you really feel the need to get lucky you can try some light kissing or a little make-out session to see if you can get him going, but if not, don’t take offense. It may just be one of those days.

2. When you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time you become comfortable with each other and develop a routine, even in the bedroom. He may be getting bored of the same-old-same old. Spice things up by doing a little role play or something else that you are comfortable with like a new position or maybe even a strip-tease!

3. When he isn’t feeling confident it can be a mood killer. If he has had even one experience where he couldn’t get things going it could set off a chain reaction. If he is having a little trouble keeping things up, take the focus off of that completely. Have him focus on you instead.

4. There may be something up with the relationship. He may be feeling like there is something missing in the relationship itself or your relationship has an underlying problem going on that has nothing to do with s*x at all. If you have a feeling that this is it try and talk it out with him.

5. He may have already had a little s*xy time with himself that day…maybe that’s why his shower took so long that day!

6. The number one reason that a man does not want to have s*x is that he had a stressful day at work. When you are stressed that is usually one of the farthest things from your mind. Try to help him relax by taking a shower or a bath together, give him a massage, or just make him dinner and let him vent.


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