High Tech Bra Claims It Can Stop Women from Over-eating


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Microsoft has taken its technology to another level. They have stepped away from phones and computers for a moment and put their technology to use in a very different way. What they are trying to develop is a bra that will be able to tell when a woman is becoming stressed out and warn her so that she can relax and avoid stress eating as so many do when they suffer physical or emotional stress.

There are censors that are placed in the cups and on the sides of the bra. It measures stress levels, heart rate, and skin temperature. When it sees something that would cause a woman to reach for some comfort food it alerts her via her cell phone. The information that comes from the censors in the bra is transmitted to a cell phone through Bluetooth.

Four women who worked at the Microsoft research lab volunteered to test out this new bra. They self-recorded their emotions throughout the day in an app called EmoTree. They wore the bra for four to six hours per day. One huge downside was that the battery died every 3.5 hours so they had to play around with their clothes in order to get the battery so it could be charged again. Obviously in public this would not be a good thing.

The results from the live testing showed that the bra was able to correctly guess the emotional eating triggers about 75% of the time. It correctly detected emotions 73% of the time.

The bra is still in its testing phase, but one of the researchers believes that it could be not only feasible to make them, but believes that it could make a significant dent in comfort eating from stress. They are trying to develop a bracelet for men.


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