Holistic Living: How To Heal Cavities The Natural Way


By: Krystle Crossman

Cavities can be painful and very irritating. As soon as you feel one you run to the dentist to fix it up right? Well there may be home remedies for cavities that would render the dentist unnecessary. There are also some lies that are told about your teeth in the first place that lead you to believe that a trip to the dentist is needed every time.

We are told by the American Dental Association that we get a cavity due to the sugars that we eat through the day. They say that the bacteria that is in our mouths feeds off of these sugars and carbs and creates an acid that causes tooth decay over time. There are some holes in this theory however:

– Bacteria don’t feed off of sugars and carbs. There are no nutrients in them.
– Indigenous people didn’t have tooth decay and they had carbs stuck in their teeth all day.
– Bacteria does like to eat mik, veggies, meat, fruits, and fish, but none of these are listed as things that can cause tooth decay.

Dr. Weston Price and other researchers took to finding out the accurate reason as to why our teeth decay and here is what they found:

– We don’t have enough fat-soluble vitamins such as A, E, D, and K in our diets.
– We don’t have enough minerals in our diet
– Your body isn’t processing the minerals that you are eating correctly which causes more phytic acids to be made in the body.

When you do not eat enough minerals and where there is too much phytic acid in your body your bloodstream isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs. When the body notices this it pulls nutrients from the bones to help. With this in mind, here are some foods that you should consider eating:

– Organ or gland meats like liver
– Coconut oil
– Organic vegetables

Limit yourself on foods that will throw you blood sugar out of balance such as sugars, processed flours, and limit foods such as nuts and grains which are high in phytic acid.


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  1. I’m doing this right now with my son because I don’t want him to get a filling. I give him a butter oil and fermented cod liver oil blend and a plant derived calcium supplement.

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