“Hot Mom” Accused of “Fat Shaming” Now Has a Movement


kang movementBy Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses

I believe that every woman has an ongoing love-hate relationship with her body. Sometimes we, women,  love, appreciate and nurture our bodies and at times we criticize, condemn and even abuse our bodies by not doing our best to eat right, exercise and appreciate our bodies.

It came as no surprise to me that Maria Kang who is known as the “hot Facebook mom” came under fire when she basically told women that they had no excuse for being overweight and unfit. Having said that, I do think there is some validity to what both Kang and her critics said. On one hand, Kang makes an excellent point; wives and mothers should not use their children and families, nor their busy work lives as an excuse to neglect their health and wellness. On the other hand, I know first hand that it can be a tremendous challenge to balance marriage and family life with working, especially if you work full time, with also taking time to work out and prepare healthy and nutritious meals.

At the end of the day, if I had to choose a side I am leaning towards, I would pick Kang’s side. While I have my own challenges with maintaining my health and wellness goals, I certainly do not take issue with her message. Instead, I am both inspired and motivated by it.

Below, The Huffington Post shares information about her new movement, the “No Excuse Moms Movement,”:

The campaign encourages moms to gather for regular, free workouts in public spaces.

“I feel like all the backlash was worth it,” Kang told Yahoo! Shine. “I feel like my original image and message sparked an international dialogue that woke people up and made them question their excuses. … I strongly believe that health starts at home and that in order to raise a healthy child, you need to be a healthy parent.”

On Tuesday, Kangs shared a scantily clad photo to promote this movement, featuring arrows pointing to her supposed stretch marks and notes highlighting her busy lifestyle.

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  1. Something needs to be done because the acceptable social trend of over eating by African-American & specially Women needs to be addressed, they also have no issue with shaming & ostracize those who eat well & work out regularly

  2. I strongly do not believe someone can be shamed into anything. I have to want to lose weight, exercise etc. Someone constantly berating about losing weight; exercising etc will only make me angry and sever the relationship.

    • I can appreciate that its a condition of modern society, but in: Military Boot Camp, Football, Basketball & Baseball conditioning there are no warm & fuzzy feelings & has been proven to get the “Job Done” & worked for me in the Marine Corps & College Football & till this day @ 44 o can still fit the clothes I did @ 24

  3. Who cares what the next person is, does, has, likes and so on? If someone wants to do something they will, if they don’t they won’t, who are we to judge?

    • @Amen Dawn!!!!

      I don’t know why it always come down to people controlling each others lives and sterotype.
      Somebody “PLEASE” just give Maria Kang a toast of Fibromyalgia, or any other painful disease that people are plague with and let me see her continue on being a finger pointing Jacka$$$ shammy!!! LMBO!!
      Everybody is not overweight from over-eating or not eating healthy foods. Many african americans have been poison by the FDA, especially from purchasing food in local grocery store located in the black community. There are many many issues at stake here, even our water and soil is contaminated and everybody can’t afford to shop at “WHOLE FOODS / SPROUTS / TRADER JOE’S / ETC…

  4. That’s why I encourage my single black sisters to let their fingers travel on down to: Interracial Dating Central where they will be loved unconditionally and where love covers a multitude of things. Where men of other colors will have patience with you, not massacre your selfesteem, train you and help you attain a better you / they will totally love you into your next level while having fun doing it, and might I add many many many other adventures that come along with that. Come on girls!!! what do we have to lose??? NOTHING / So just go for it, at least try it out… FREEDOM RINGS / Sounds real good too…

      • @Glory Mosby…

        Girlfriend its for-real and its going on too. Sisters are happy, living it up, group traveling, couple conventions, biking, hiking, scubba, meet n greets you name it their doing it with men of other colors. You get treated like the total women that you are, and where you may have areas where you lack they encourage you with loving patience and lots of caressing that’s soothing to the spirit and the mind that will lead a sister to self-healing from with-in, that’s when you finally realize your man deserves more / better because trust has awaken itself and you finally realize its “SAFE” to breath again. I wish only the best for all my sisters with eyes and the true spirit of the heart to see.

        God created all men of different colors, white society in the U.S. is the one who has destroyed the mindset of the people. Its time for all to take back what’s been stolen from us all as a whole.

        Redbone vrs “THE MILITANT DREAM KILLERS”.

      • @GLORY…

        I can only speak for the black-women because in this area that’s all I know by watching my friends assoc. and family members, even black-men too.

        Depression and Oppression strike all of our people and we all handle it in many different ways.
        Everybody’s body, mindset and character is different. Some of us over eat from depression & oppression, some of us just stop eating when the attacks come on, some of us have a chemical reaction in the body and it just begins to swell food has nothing to do with it. Some people just can’t eat certain foods at all, some people gain by just eating the least, it just goes on and on..
        There are too many scenario’s to judge people and put everybody in the same basket. God did not create everybody the same, people just need to learn how to love on themselves regardless of what situations they may find themselves in.

        The first major step is to totally step away from “CONTROLLERS” and step closer towards their creator where all they answers they need lye.

  5. Psicologo.Zulu on

    I remember a video I saw once. It was a vet who got hurt in Iraq and who was told that he would never walk unassisted again. He went everyywherwe with two brace crutches. He started doing a yoga routine with dvd that was started by DDP of WCW fame. After dedication and a lot of falling, he was able to RUN again.
    We all have our issues, but feeling sorry for yourself or allowing it to stop you is not the way to take the privilege that was given to you in the form of human life and use it appropriately. We must honor our bodies as they are our links to the Earth and our Ancestors.
    Civilize the Mind but make Savage the Body.

  6. Healthy start’s from the mind / from with-in, not from with-out… You can workout 24-7, get the best wired up body in the world, but if your mind is not healthy your still just full of shyt and it shows 100%, especially in your character, verbage / aka: articulation.

  7. Any female wanting to lose weight try insanity that sheit will make your body scream in pain and your heart feel like its gonna bust open but it works, i knocked off five extra pounds in less than two weeks for my wedding coming up, im down to size two and bmi a couple of points lower than it should be but thats cool, i aint trying to be a fat dumpy bride. oh dont do insanity if you have history of heart problems or high blood pressure or joint problmes or get dizzy its too intense for ppl with those problems.

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