How a “HillBilly” Claims Sticking Feet in Cow Pooop Is Good For Health


By: Krystle Crossman

There are times when your feet itch. No matter what you do they are itchy and they will smell up a room the moment you free them from your shoes. Now normally you would turn to your local drugstore or pharmacy for something to take care of this, but not Eugene Runkis. This self-proclaimed hillbilly gets his feet into something that is free and readily available. When he has itchy feet or athlete’s foot, he dips his toes into cow dung. Yes, he buries his feet into a huge steaming pile of cowpies.

Runkis is one of the stars of the Destination America show “Hillbilly Blood”. His friend and co-star on the show, Spencer Boljack was the one who gave him the idea of cowpies for his itchy feet. You may be sitting here and shuddering while you are reading this. Just the mere thought of putting your feet in that warm pile makes you cringe right? Well as gross as it may seem, there is actually a solid logic behind this remedy.

Cow dung has ammonia in it which is a great antibacterial. Even Runkis was hesitant at first, but Boljack told him that even though it smelled bad, his feet would smell worse if he continued to let them rot. So in went Runkis’ foot. Boljack admitted to having a little fun with Runkins but that he had heard this actually was good for your feet. He made sure that Runkins got it in between his toes to get the best effect. He said his foot itched so badly that he was willing to try just about anything. After dunking his feet in he washed them off in the creek that was nearby and then went back to business as usual.


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