How a Teacher Lost 61 Pounds Eating Only McDonald For 6 Months


By: Krystle Crossman

John Cisna turned an experiment by his students into national headlines. The Iowa teacher ate nothing but food from McDonald’s for 90 days to see if it were possible to become healthier when living off of fast food. In January the reports were that he had lost 37 pounds in just 90 days but later it was discovered that he had actually lost 61 pounds in six months! How did he do it living off of McDonald’s?

Cisna had his students draw up a meal plan for him. There were some catches however. He capped off his calories to 2,000 per day. He also told them that anything he ate had to meet the FDA’s 15 daily nutritional guidelines. He did not eat Big Macs and fries all day. Instead he had healthier choices such as the salads and the fruit parfaits. Along with making good choices while eating Cisna added in 45 minutes of walking per day as well for at least four or five days of the week.

The 90 days flew by and it went so well that he decided to do another 90 days on the diet but this time let his students add in foods like burgers and fries. They found it a lot harder to meet the FDA guidelines when they threw in these foods due to the fat and sodium contents. It was harder to keep the daily calorie limit in check as well. But even though they had a rough time with planning the menu, Cisna still lost another 24 pounds. During this phase he added in more vigorous exercise.

By then end of the experiment Cisna had written an e-book that told of the diet and his weight loss journey eating just food from the fast food giant. He said that one of the best parts of the experiment was hearing his students realize that it is not the fast food chains that make you overweight, it is the daily choices that you make.



  1. Please do not get lost in the Headlines, he ate the healthier alternatives & walked 45 minutes a day, when Morgon Spurlock did it in “Super Size Me” he almost killed himself

  2. I’m going to pass as I have not eaten fast food (with the exception of Subway) for 3 years and I’m much happier and healthier for it.

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