How a Woman with a “perfect body” Today Compares to a Woman 100 Years Ago


Joanne-Borgella-1-301x398By: Krystle Crossman

If you were to look at models and actresses from the beginning of the century in the 1900s you would see women that look healthy. They have curves, they are still not overweight, but they are not emaciated. Then if you look at today’s models and actresses you would see a very different picture. Many of them look like they are starving, especially the models. They have no muscle definition, only skin and bones. The sizes 8s and 10s of the past would be considered too big to be supermodels these days.

In 1960 the average BMI for a woman was 24.6 according to the CDC. Now the average has risen to 26.5. has found that the difference between a model’s weight and the average woman’s weight has changed significantly as well. In 1975 there was an 8% difference in the weight of average women and models and now that percentage has jumped to 23.7%. Self-image has been affected negatively in many young women due to the skinniness of women in the media today.

Companies like H&M, Dove, and Debenham’s all have ads and campaigns that feature the average American woman and they try to teach women to love themselves for who they are. A group called the Representation Project is working to help women restore their self-image and learn what true beauty is. They teach them how to handle what they see on television and in ads and learn to separate reality from airbrushing. Take a look back at women from earlier years such as Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. They were healthy but they were not toothpicks. Women wanted to be them badly. But now if a woman is that size she is not deemed to be model-quality.


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  1. Søren Sørensen on

    A Little more less weigt is more or less needed, if American women shall avoid the wheelchair. This goes for the men too. Exercise.
    Curvy women yes. Skinny women no. Plus size women too, but there is a limit for everything. It is healthier to be a little overweight than underweight.
    A female hourglass figure compensate for a lot but only 10 pct. of the women have such a figure.
    The skinny models are travelling clothes racks or horses.
    There s a lot of other more important Things and skils in life than to be beautiful and handsome but it sure helps. A yearning long look after pretty women like Jane Russell and Sophia Loren and many more. Keep in shape.
    Yours Søren

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