How and Why Al Sharpton Shrunk to a Third of His Size


By: Krystle Crossman

At his heaviest, Reverend Al Sharpton weighed in at 305 pounds. He found some motivation through his daughter and has now slimmed down to a trim and fit 129 pounds. He stated that he didn’t care about tabloids making fun of him, or newspapers and news stations condemning his weight. What really got to him and made him change his life for the better was his daughter, punching his large midsection and asking him why he was so fat. He felt ashamed and it really hurt his feelings that his own daughter was calling him fat so he decided the time to change was now.

After recently celebrating his 62nd birthday Sharpton told New York Daily News that he was never going to be that heavy again. He knew that he was a heart attack waiting to happen so he dropped the fried chicken diet that he had loved so much and opted for a much healthier one. Although his new diet may be extreme to some and not enough food to eat through the day he states that he has conditioned his body to not become hungry. During the course of the day Sharpton eats three pieces of wheat toast, a salad, two bottles of green juice, and a banana. Instead of having red meat for his salads he uses fish instead as it is a much more nutritious option and is full of protein.

Now that the Reverend is much smaller than he used to be, people are condemning him for looking unhealthy. He tells them that they should have worried about him when he was overweight and a walking heart attack. He is much healthier now than he was at 305 pounds and says that he feels much younger than his 62 years. His risk for heart attack, diabetes, and other obesity-related diseases has decreased significantly with this change in diet. He decided to do this his own way and said that he has now broken his addiction to unhealthy foods that were covered in salt or loaded with sugar and fat. Many celebrities opt to go through weight loss surgery or fad diets and while some have moderate success, the success is usually short-lived as they have not permanently changed their mindset about food.



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