How and Why Laughter Is The Best Medicine


laughingBy Staff Blogger

Laughter is the best medicine. When you are feeling down, sick, or injured, humor is a great way for you to cope and to get your spirits up. The great thing about laughter is that it is absolutely free! Here are five reasons why humor really is great for you.

1. Laughter is good for you physically. It burns calories and works your abs. It also helps your muscle tension, helps your immune system, improves your memory and can help to prevent heart disease. This all makes it worth it to laugh at things that you normally wouldn’t think are funny.

2. It calms you down no matter how bad of an argument you are in. When you are least in the mood to laugh, that is when your brain makes it impossible for you to not laugh. If your argument partner looks at you and says ‘don’t laugh’, good luck resisting the urge to even snicker. Roll with it, the laughter will calm you down before punches are thrown!

3. Humor can help when you are in the worst of situations. For example, if you lose someone that you love, laughter is going to be your best antidepressant. You may feel that it is inappropriate to laugh at such a time, but it will help you to deal with the loss.

4. Things don’t seem as scary when you laugh. If there is a scary situation happening, try to find the humor in the situation. For example when the guy was eaten by the T-Rex in Jurassic Park and he is petrified, you can ward off any scared feelings that you may have by realizing that he is on the toilet.

5. Laughter cures boredom. When you are spending the day with someone and you are doing something that you find boring, as long as that friend can make you laugh, you won’t even notice how bored you are!


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