How Beyonce Says She Got Her $exy Body Back After Being Almost 200 Pounds While Pregnant


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Beyoncé shocked everyone when she released an album with no hype, no marketing, and no warning. She also released a documentary that is giving her fans a little insight into who she is outside of the music industry as a mother and a wife. She spoke about giving birth to baby Blue and how she got her body back after going up to 195 pounds when she was pregnant.

While recording her secret new album she was putting being a mother first. She would record a few hours a day and that was it. She said that the album was a big escape for her to step outside of real life and go after her goals again.

Beyoncé was not happy with her body after she had given birth. She didn’t want to show herself because she didn’t like how much weight she had put on so she worked diligently to take the weight off. She managed to lose 65 pounds from her work.

A big part of her weight loss came from cutting back on pasta. She stated that was her favorite food but she knew that in order to make the weight loss happen she had to cut it out of her diet or cut way back on it. She also did intense dance workouts to help get her cardio for the day in. She said that she wanted to show women everywhere that it is possible to get your body and your confidence back after having a baby. It is hard work, but it is possible.

Now that she is back to her former self, Beyoncé says that she has felt her confidence and sensuality come back and she feels more like herself than ever.



    • What!!!

      LMBO!! I heard that.. I don’t believe she had one either, and for all we know it may not even be JayZ seed period, but the seed of some d*mn Dark-Lord, whatever the case something is not right…

  1. Who has proof that Beyonce was not pregnant? Who has proof that her husband is not the father? Who has proof that a surrogate was involved? Please give details.

    • The answer is “NO”!! who actually gives a shyt!! They could have wasted their time writing an article about something else instead of Bey Bey… dead subject period…

  2. LOL @ the way yall hate this woman is comical. Remember how much yall hate her, and her HUSBAND AND FATHER TO HER NON OUT OF WEDLOCK BABY when yall begging them to “do something” for black people too inept to do for themselves.Best believe if I was Bey Id hold a press conference telling yall to kiss my and my husbands “will never be broke and po’ azzes so get up and work hard like we do cause we arent doing sheit for your ignorant azzes or your raggedy aint got no daddy kids. Sheit if I had their money Id damn sure say it, and really give yall broke azzes something to talk about! Id give yall a REAL NON MADE UP REASON to hate me!LOL!

  3. Rather she had a baby or not, Bey’s got her shit together. She’s an excellent role model to our young black women verses all these wutless actors/singers etc. (ie. Ms. Miley…NOW HER ASS MAKES ME SICK!!!)

    Ya’ll need to stop hating on Bey and her family..that’s right…HER FAMILY!!!! So if she did push Blue Ivy out or not, doesn’t brother me. She’s still a mother to Blue Ivy, seems to be an excellent wife to Jay (you aint hear his ass complaining).

    Ya’ll need to stop bringing down black folks for stupid nonsense. If Bey and Jay were being wuless like the rest of the social media world then ya’ll can chat.

    Bey….keep doing your thing mama. I love seeing black women celebrities whom other younger black women can admire and look upto.


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