How Black Women can Save Themselves from [email protected] Cancer


By: Krystle Crossman

It is Cancer Awareness Month in October so here is a little awareness about [email protected] cancer and black women. It develops differently in women of color and can happen earlier and be more aggressive than in white women. Here are some tips to help prevent [email protected] cancer.

1. When it comes to survival rates white women have a higher percentage of women who survive past five years when it comes to a diagnosis.

2. Lowering your weight can help to prevent cancer. Out of every five black women four are overweight which causes them to have more estrogen in their body. Estrogen is food for cancer.

3. Mammograms should be done regularly with black women as their tissue is denser so you may not be able to feel tumors as well as other races. The earlier you detect it the better your chances of survival are.

4. Even though black women are less likely to develop [email protected] cancer those who are diagnosed with it are 41% more likely to die from it.

5. Young black women are at a high risk for developing cancer. Do not think that you are too young for it as it can happen at any age.

6. Your choice of doctor is important. Find one that is more in tune to black women’s reproductive systems as they will be able to assess symptoms better.

7. Know the risk factors that you may have. Some big risk factors for early onset [email protected] cancer are a family history and getting your period before age 12.

8. If you have an abnormal mammogram reading make sure that you get a follow-up appointment and make sure that you go with it. Early detection and treatment is key.

9. Having three or more drinks per day can increase your risk of developing [email protected] cancer so cut down if you drink that or more.

10. Recent studies have shown that black women need to start getting mammograms earlier than 40 years old. Your doctor will be able to help you with figuring out an ideal age to start.

11. Make sure that you have insurance coverage that will cover mammograms and if you can’t afford it there are low-cost options through the National [email protected] and Cervical Early Detection Plan.

12. Reduce your stress. Studies have shown that along with black women’s genes adding stress can cause cancer to grow and spread. Try taking up yoga or getting massages often to relax.

13. Learn about triple-negative tumors. They are aggressive and don’t respond well to certain treatments. These tumors are twice as likely to hit black women.

14. When you begin to get mammograms make sure that you get them done every single year.

15. Know the statistics. Black women are less likely to develop cancer than other races but when they do develop it they have a higher mortality rate.


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  1. Also refrain from using deodorants with titanium aluminium or other toxic chemicals. I am not a doctor but breadt cancer has become so common that I am forced to look beyond race to practices that are common among all women and men for that mstter. Deodorant use is one non-gendered daily practice in the US that may contributing to breast cancer. I have yet run across a study comparing breast cancer and deodorant use between the US and a European country where deodorant practice is different. If you must use chemical laden deodorants lay a foundation of a natural deodorant product first then apply your preferred brand.

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