How Blood Pressure Fluctuations Kill Black People At Triple The Rate Of Others


black nurseBy Staff Blogger

For African-Americans, large increases and decreases in blood pressure from day to day can be a warning sign. People with this symptom are three times more likely to die prematurely. This however is for people with kidney disease. While you should still get your blood pressure checked regularly by your doctor even if your kidneys are fine, you should get it checked more often if you have a kidney disease.

African-Americans are more likely to develop kidney disease than their white counterparts. It can be hard for a doctor to predict if a patient with kidney disease will die prematurely, but they know that there is a correlation between heart disease, kidney disease, and blood pressure. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in people with kidney disease.

Ciaran McMullen, MD from Brigham and Women’s in Massachusetts did a study that followed 908 African-Americans that had kidney disease caused by heart disease. They found that these patients were three times more likely to die early, and six times more likely to die early of a heart related complication. The patients had regular blood pressure monitoring and were followed up with for a period of three to almost six and a half years.

Dr. McMullen stated that more doctors should take a look at the correlation of the kidney disease and blood pressure. She hopes that it will spark a new age of therapy research for this particular condition.

Perhaps if more studies are done in this particular field, a new treatment plan can be discovered so that the risk of dying prematurely isn’t nearly as high as it is now. Medicine is making some incredible advances and hopefully someday this will be one of them.


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