How Breastfeeding Can Prevent Deaths and Cut Expenses


By: Krystle Crossman

Many mothers and doctors will tell you that the [email protected] is best when it comes to feeding your baby. Most women choose to [email protected] – 80% in the U.S., but there are women who do not for a variety of reasons. Some women have medical conditions. Some do not have enough leave from work to be able to stay on a steady schedule with their child. Then there are some women who just are not comfortable with it and choose to bottle-feed instead. The government is stating that there should be more programs available to pregnant mothers to help support them with [email protected]

[email protected] has often been called “liquid gold” because of the health properties that is has. There are vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in [email protected] that can build a healthy immune system and prevent many different common illnesses. [email protected] is also good for the mother as it helps reduce gained pregnancy weight, helps a mother form a bond with her child, and helps her [email protected] go back to their normal shape and size, and even lowers the risk of developing [email protected] cancer. But what many mothers do not realize is that [email protected] helps the economy quite a bit as well.

When a mother chooses to [email protected] the risk of her or her child becoming sick is significantly reduced. This saves on healthcare costs greatly. Researchers have estimated that by choosing to [email protected] instead of bottle-feed, over $2.45 billion in healthcare costs is saved. All of this money goes back into the economy in other ways. Researchers also found that if more babies were given [email protected], there are roughly 820,000 infant and child deaths that could be prevented worldwide.

OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Wu states that there are many women who do not have the luxury of being able to take an extended amount of time off of work and have to use formula. She says that they come to her in tears because they cannot [email protected] their baby or pump on breaks at work. Dr. Wu says that formula is not dangerous for a baby at all and is a lifesaver for women who cannot [email protected] Some babies are allergic to milk or dairy when they are born and cannot have [email protected] no matter what the mother tries. Some women do not have enough milk to keep their baby full. There are many factors that go into the [email protected] decision but Dr. Wu says that one of the biggest issues that women face is that they do not have enough support. More programs are needed for support and education for women who want to [email protected] but do not know where to start.



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