How Depression Can Be a Great Thing


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you think about depression you probably think that it is a terrible disease that changes a person completely. Depression however could be a good thing. No one, not even doctors really know what specifically causes depression. Theories state that it is due to biological issues such as a lack of serotonin mixed with environment. Due to the fact that we don’t know what causes depression we can only treat the symptoms but not the actual depression itself.

There are three different categories of symptoms of depression:

– Mood: The mood symptoms are sadness, feeling down or low all of the time, irritability, and loss of interest in things that you once normally loved.

– Physical: Physical symptoms of depression are fatigue, change in appetite, tiredness, change in sleep patterns, physical slowing or agitation, and lack of energy.

– Cognitive: Cognitive symptoms are loss of confidence, feelings of lack of worth, and excessive guilt about minor things that they have done wrong. These symptoms tend to make a person withdraw from activities with others and become loners.

When these symptoms become too much, people often lose hope for anything good in life and in the most extreme cases, some even consider or attempt suicide. It can cause someone to be unable to do the simplest thing like watching television or reading a book. They may also have a lot of difficulty making everyday decisions or even just getting out of bed.

These symptoms show us that depression has manifested itself in our bodies, but one thing that we may not think about is that the root of it all is that our soul is misaligned and is crying out for some attention. This is why depression could serve us well. It is a wake-up call for us to take a deeper look at our soul to find out what it is that is truly troubling us and help us to fix what ails us. When depression is looked at as a wake-up call, it can be a great thing and we can repair the soul and the body will follow.



  1. Thing about depression I know now when I’m depressed, at first I had no ideal I was depressed, until I had three nervous break downs. I am bi-polar with rapid moods. I wanted help and I got it, I needed to understand why me. I understand mental illness it can be genectic or I believe it can come from childhood trauma.

  2. I agree with this article with the addition of having some insight into soul searching. Some individuals do not look within for answers as this is such a superficial society.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with chef50, because even though some people have depression related to childhood trauma, they have been able to sustain productive lives without medication, learn to sit with themselves, draw from their inner resolves, with meditation and cleansing prayers, some people reach out and perform services that help others and make themselves feel good within themselves, because I believe that our only purpose for living is service. Try it, it works for some of us that are willing to get out of a state of misery and do for others.

    • You got that ish right, Princess. When I’m depressed I don’t feel very introspective. All I do is cry & pray for the feeling to past.

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